Wild Council for Life & Extinction

Azul Valerie Thome invites you to sit with her in Council to explore:

How to Offer our Gifts in the face of Collapse and Extinction?
Every other species Give their lives Away for the thriving of Life.
What can we learn from them? What for? What is the point?

An invitation to sit in SOULand council, make eARTh and use constellation work to explore this question in community.
COUNCIL: an invitation to speak and listen from a place that is beyond our ‘opinions’ ‘conditioning’ ‘fears’ ‘agendas’ ‘investments’ COUNCIL: we listen and speak from the heart. The heart of each individuals, the heart of the living system that our gathering will form for that day. the heart of our Earth. It is NOT a space for debates, discussion, corrections, convincing, consuming…

Sun 10th Feb ~ 10~4pm

Totnes ~ UK

Gift Economy: The costs and needs will be presented transparently.
Offer for the day what you feel it is worth to you and what keeps
you also in a place of financial balance.

14th April
17th November
with love Azul Valerie Thome
SOULand: Making the World of our Longing

TO BOOK:https://goo.gl/forms/7uHkAID8eq2nYeuH2
MORE INFO: https://www.souland.org/events-2019.html


10 Feb 2019


10:00 - 16:00


At your Discretion, please ask Azul for details.

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