Scaravelli- inspired Yoga with Sarah Gray- Mondays

Carve this sacred time for yourself to reclaim ease and flow in movement. Beginners welcome!

at The Angel Gallery

Mondays: 18:45-20:00
Wednesdays: 17:45-19:00

Classes begin on the week beginning Monday 6th January until week ending Friday 7th February. After a two-week break over Winter Half Term we will return on the week beginning Monday 24th February – venue tbc.

£42 – Five weeks, one class per week (5 classes)
£73 – Five weeks, two class per week (10 classes)


Want to feel more connected to and at ease in your body?

Feeling physical discomfort, aches or tension?

Or, perhaps you wish to calm your mind from feelings of fear, difficulty concentrating or racing thoughts?

Feeling stressed has a huge effect on our health and our body and mind connection, leading to dis-ease.

Practicing relaxation, enjoying more exercise and improving your sleep through yoga can help!

✺ Gain a clearer, calmer mind through simple but radical somatic awareness enquiries to untangle the “fishing net” of neural activity.

✺ Every week, “turn-in” to yield, nourish and expand the body and mind for better sleep and breath.

✺ Through inquiry and gentle training, you can galvanise your cells and tissues to remember a sense of wholeness.

✺ Dedicate to a regular class to inspire your self-led practice and health for years to come!


Hatha Yoga is a sensitivity training for the body-mind.

Yoga is a practice for life – ongoing, holistic and always abundantly available to help us make our body-mind resilient, flexible, better coordinated, grounded, strong, balanced, but most of all peaceful and easeful.

Nurture your tissues with this twice per week practice where each class follows a theme or core message we unravel together through yoga poses, mobilisations, breath-work, and other solo or group inquiries.

This yoga involves the physical movement of the body – to joyfully warm your joints, move your muscles, float in your fluids and feel your fascia! But as important, learn to still the body and turn our attention inward to fully be present to our state of consciousness.

Calming yet strong, our classes help us work with curiosity and patience towards remembering a sense of wholeness as intelligent organisms connected in the cosmos.

with love,

Your teacher,
S a r a h G r a y
Promoting joy in self-nurture


20 Jan 2020


18:45 - 20:00


£42 – Five weeks, one class per week (5 classes) £73 – Five weeks, two class per week (10 classes)
Sarah Gray


Sarah Gray

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