Dances of Universal Peace

The lovely Emma Relph isholding another Sacred Songdance event with a live band this time.  It’s going to be on Saturday night the 1st of December, 8 – 10pm, at the glamorous Angel Studios at the very bottom of South Street, just 100 yards up from Totnes High Street, the turning before the archway into the top of town.

I hope to make the evening cosy and Christmassy, and a prayerful and intimate experience to honour and embody the principle of the sacred transcendental peace we all yearn for.

Please bring a partner if you can.  If everyone brings someone we will have a properly full circle and the Dances will be more fun!  All the dances are suitable for first-timers, as long as they are open to the meditative element and the spiritual archetypes.

We will have a magic hat for contributions.

Dances of Universal Peace…..Moving in a circle as one…..Simple rhythmic steps
Melodic Mantric Songs, ……Intimate Soulful Connections
Nourishment for the Heart…….Live acoustic music


01 Dec 2018


Arrive early if you can for a prompt start.
20:00 - 22:00


Magic Hat donations
South street


South street
Angel Gallery

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